Announcing Wild Kid's next record: Cathedral, out July 28th on 48k. Head to Tiny Mix Tapes to stream the lead single, 'Lapse,' and read a Q&A with the 48k founders.






Wild Kid is a coming-of-age story, packed onto a memory card and piped through a drum machine.  With a background in dance music but a preoccupation with more ambiguous forms of electronic music, he absorbs inspiration from myriad sources and distills it into music that’s at once personal, narrative, and culturally alluding.  Wild Kid makes music that you can hold in your hands and take with you.  He has released music on Druid Cloak's respected Apothecary Compositions, and received coverage from XLR8R, Dummy, The Astral Plane, Tiny Mix Tapes, and more.  He is the co-founder and creative director of 48k, a new record label and multimedia outlet. He currently resides in Brooklyn.




"Cc" premiered on Insert

"From the slow glitchy build up into a series of rolling synth patterns, to then suddenly be brought back down for breather. Serving as the perfect warm up to get into the rest of the EP."

"Lapse" premiered on Tiny Mix Tapes

"Release in the sheltered vibes of Cathedral EP as Wild Kid swirls the chaos of [everything at once] with a calm finesse that dunks on listeners in wafts of fragile politeness."

In Flux featured on Tiny Mix Tapes

“The controlled chaos festering within In Flux will take over your mind and leave you slightly broken, but only in a functional way that’s adaptive of the environment directly about you.”

"Done Wrong" featured on XLR8R

“… a flurry of detailed rhythmic patterns intertwined with an immersive array of dense, swimming textures.”

Promo mix featured on Tiny Mix Tapes

“The mix showcases the depth and breadth of Wild Kid’s taste, always staying in one world but still surprising the listener constantly.”

“Pop It (Slugabed Remix)” featured on Dummy

“New Bethlehem (Celestial Trax Remix)” premiered on The Astral Plane