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Scream Tape, out now on 48k.





Wild Kid is the music project of Brooklyn-based artist and producer Ryan Glassman. The project's aim is to achieve a level of vulnerability and a depth of narrative arc often missing from instrumental electronic music and to provide a storytelling framework atop which listeners can overlay their own stories. As such, the music doesn't shy away from earnestness, maximalism, or the occasional touch of melodrama.


 Glassman is the co-founder and creative director of 48k, a record label and multimedia outlet established in 2017.


"Scream Tape" receives a 9.5 / 10 in DJ Mag

"...it’ll veer from hyper bit-crushed, thudding drums to weightless instrumentation without a moment’s notice. But it’s a damn beautiful vision."

"Part I, Dec-Jan" premiered on XLR8R

"...raw, unbridled emotion is splattered across each of the tracks, which run the gamut from the searing anxiety of 'Part 1, Dec-Jan' to the buried, muffled hope of 'Escapist.'"

"Blocked Range (Savannah)" premiered in Clash Magazine

"...an anime sampling slice of electronic futurism, fusing club tropes to complete a personal statement."

"OD-2 (Blood)" premiered at Resident Advisor

"Massive sound design and a dramatic arrangement characterise this track from the Brooklyn artist..."

"Cc" premiered on Insert

"From the slow glitchy build up into a series of rolling synth patterns, to then suddenly be brought back down for breather. Serving as the perfect warm up to get into the rest of the EP."

"Lapse" premiered on Tiny Mix Tapes

"Release in the sheltered vibes of Cathedral EP as Wild Kid swirls the chaos of [everything at once] with a calm finesse that dunks on listeners in wafts of fragile politeness."

In Flux featured on Tiny Mix Tapes

“The controlled chaos festering within In Flux will take over your mind and leave you slightly broken, but only in a functional way that’s adaptive of the environment directly about you.”